Topics of Semester Papers of Subject MANAGEMENT are there

  • the template for elaboration of semester papers is there 
  • STN 01 6910 "Pravidlá písania a úpravy písomností" (Slovak Technical Norm) is there
  • the Evaluations of the 1.rst Semester Papers (Topics FS-01-10) are THERE (the end of MAR)
  • the Evaluations of the 2.nd Semester Papers (Topics FS-11-20) are THERE (the end of APR)
  1. Instruction for Graduation and Conditions a Credit and Examination - EN
  2. Fundament of Management
  3. Basic funcions of Management
  4. Strategic Management
  5. Planning
  6. Organizing
  7. Organzational design
  8. Staffing
  9. Leading
  10. Controling
  11. Decision Making
  12. Management of Human Sources
  13. Crises Management

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